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Making Sense of your Medical Career
Maximise your time at Medical school - Distinguish yourself from the crowd - beat the competition and get the job you want - A MUST READ BOOK FOR ALL MEDICAL STUDENTS
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"We have no doubt that any medical student would benefit from reading this book and so would many of their teachers......

It is a remarkable achievement and we believe that it justly merits a place on the student’s personal bookshelf as well as in libraries everywhere."

Sir Graeme Catto and Sir Barry Jackson
London 2004

This book is an invaluable resource for ambitious medical students wishing to rise to the ‘top of the pile’. The author, Riaz Agha, is a high-achieving medical student, having won multiple prizes, founded several companies and founded the International Journal of Surgery. He shares the benefit of his knowledge and experience in a clear concise style, which is easy to read and understand. He has invited several high-profile chapter authors who add valuable specialist knowledge, particularly in the area of information technology. To the best of my knowledge, this book covers unique material, and more than adequately fills this hole in the market.

The book is subdivided into four sections ‘Getting the skills you need’, ‘Making big decisions at medical school’, ‘Getting ahead of the competition’, and ‘How to make successful job applications’. It includes valuable advice regarding intercalated degrees, CV and interview preparation, making presentations and getting work published.

With Modernising Medical Careers and the implementation of the foundation programme, optimising one’s CV is of paramount importance. Those marked higher in the matching scheme (position based on numerous factors including exam results and CV grading) will get better jobs. This book contains some excellent suggestions for improving both CV and interview performance and therefore I recommend this book to all medical students, without reservation.

Jonathan Osborn MB ChB MSc MRCS
(read the full book review here)


Oxford Gazette, Spring 2006

"careers advice for medical students and junior doctors is surprisingly scant.........Into this chasm, has leapt Riaz Agha..........a PRHO with an impressive array of achievements including the remarkable accomplishment of starting a peer-reviewed journal while still at medical school.  Making Sense of your Medical Career......promises to set you on the road to success.  In it Riaz Agha covers a variety of topics relevant to medical students....and...postgraduates."

".....much of the advice is invaluable with the tips on finding medical information being particularly useful.  All too often this is a topic poorly covered in medical schools.......Other chapters useful to the first and second year medical student would be that on studying for an intercalated BSc (the arguments for and against are neatly summarised as bullet points), and the chapter on how to make a good presentation.  To the medical student approaching the end of the course.......the chapter on organising an elective is useful for them......There is also some information on applying for jobs and interviewing skills which may appeal to final year medical students......The chapters on writing a book were of interest,..........of greater use is the guidance on writing and submitting a scientific paper which will certainly come in handy for those of a more ambitious nature."

" is well written and laid out, and is remarkably easy to read.  I can unreservedly recommend it to medical students in their early years.......those in their later years and for those who have a fifth year medical student I have picked up many tips which I will use, both now and in the future."

Andrew King, Oxford Medical School


King's College London (SMEC Insight Newsletter Winter 2005-6)

“Systematically organised, it contains a wealth of useful information for those keen on entering the more competitive medical and surgical specialties......a solution to the lack of careers advice.......his own, very successful approaches to the challenges of life as a medical student” 

“Many of us would like more information about specialties on a detailed footing – how competitive are they, where are the good jobs……Agha correctly observes that this sort of detail is woefully lacking within the 21st century Medical School .....he has done amazing work and has some terrific achievements”

Vishal Bhavsar, King's College London


International Journal of Surgery 2005, Vol 3, Issue 3

"I have read many books that attempt to provide career advice to medical students, but none as comprehensive, balanced and helpful as this book. This conveniently sized pocket book covers all the relevant topics for undergraduates (and some are useful even to postgraduates) to aid their career progression in today's competitive medical workforce. It is well written, clear, and above all, insightful in the advice it contains. i especially liked the sections on IT and financial management as these are poorly covered in other similar books......this book is virtually flawless and would be an immense help to all medical students. The author has encapsulated the gems of many years experiences that senior doctors have into a weekend read that would undoubtedly help any medical reader fulfil their career aims. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to all UK medical students."

Prasanna Sooriakumaran, Royal Surrey County Hospital
(read the full book review here)


In Touch, King's College London Alumni Magazine
Autumn 2005

"Final year medical student, Riaz Agha, has written Making Sense of Your Medical Career, a practical guide packed with invaluable career information that has received wide acclaim and praise."


Comment - the College Newsletter.
Issue 161. June 2005

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