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Sir Graeme Catto and Sir Barry Jackson, Editorial Advisers
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Making Sense of your Medical Career
Maximise your time at Medical school - Distinguish yourself from the crowd - beat the competition and get the job you want - A MUST READ BOOK FOR ALL MEDICAL STUDENTS
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Careers advice is sometimes assumed in medicine, but medical students often do not have a clue about what they need to do. This book tells you exactly what you need to do!

David King
4th Year Medical Student, Leeds University

I had the chance to spend an elective with Dr. Agha and the discussions we had completely changed my perspective on medicine. I truly believe he is envisioning the future of the field while giving tools to be part of it.

I strongly recommend this publication to the colleagues whose aim is to excel.

Giorgio Pietramaggiori, MD, Harvard Medical School

"I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to all medical students. A broad range of topics are covered in a thoughtful and articulate way. If you want to get ahead, read this book."

Ouzmah Shafiq
Final Year Medical Student, Imperial College London

"He always focuses on the key issues, analyses thoroughly and makes sure he doesn't waste your time"

Kumo Oki
Final Year Medical Student, Guy's, King's and St. Thomas' School of Medicine, London

"I am reading your book right now.....I am already engrossed in the book.... You have been truly a great help"

Obiamaka Ojukwu
2nd Year Medical Student, Guy's, King's St. Thomas' School of Medicine, London

"What an achievement! I will heartily recommend it to all my medical students from now on. Knowing what you have achieved already makes it a truly inspirational text. Full marks for including all the information about grant awarding bodies etc in the appendix. This will be so useful to future generations of medical students. Indeed there is so much useful advice in the book that it difficult to know where to start!"

Dr David Green
Consultant Anaesthetist, King's College Hospital, London

"Congratulations on producing a very useful and well written guide for medical students. I agree with Catto and Jackson - any medical student would benefit from using this book."

Professor Susan Standring
Head, Academic Department of Anatomy and Human Sciences, King's College London

"This is a wonderful book.........The fact that he found the time to write this book and edit a journal whilst studying to become a doctor suggests that he knows something about time management!

The fact that he then went on to qualify with distinction suggests that he needs to be taken very seriously. The fact that he has been able to coerce me not to mention the President of the GMC and the Past President of the Royal College of Surgeons to act as his personal mentors suggests that both he and his book should be taken very very seriously!"

Professor Mike Baum
Visiting Professor of Humanities, University College London

“I have read many books that attempt to provide careers advice to medical students, but none as comprehensive, balanced, and helpful as this book. This conveniently sized pocket book covers all the relevant topics for aid their career progression in today’s competitive medical workforce. It is well written, clear, and above all, insightful in the advice it contains. I especially liked the sections on IT and financial management as these are poorly covered in other similar books. I also found the appendices very informative for both grant applications and interview preparation..........this book is virtually flawless and would be an immense help to all medical students. The author has encapsulated the gems of many years’ experiences that senior doctors have into a weekend read that would undoubtedly help any medical reader fulfil their career aims. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to all UK medical students.”  

Dr Prasanna Sooriakumaran
Lecturer in Urology, Royal Surrey County Hospital

"I only wish that such a book had been available to me when I was a medical student many years ago, as it provides a wealth of information to guide the student through his or her university days and in the early years of a medical career. I would wholeheartedly recommend the book to any medical student or young doctor. I gave copies of the book to two young college students here who are just embarking on their medical studies. Both agreed with me that the book provided very valuable information on how they should prepare themselves for their training in medicine. I congratulate Riaz Agha and his colleagues on providing a very valuable resource for young people entering medicine today."

"I am sure it will be extremely helpful to medical students and young physicians."

Professor David Cooper
Professor of Surgery, Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute, Pittsburgh, USA

"Full of insight and useful career tips for medical students. This is the kind of information that takes years of conversations to obtain, to condense it into a well written book is fantastic."

Dr Robina Jan BDS,
SHO in Maxillofacial Surgery, The Royal London Hospital

"I greatly enjoyed reading this book, the content is fresh and the delivery is sublime. It is unique and I have never seen a book like it. I wish they had something like this when I was at medical school"

Dr Phillip Soares
General Practitioner, Essex

"Read your book on medical careers. Excellent, simply excellent."

Mr Munir Ahmed
Consultant Urological Surgeon, Bromley

"I am tempted to believe it would be very useful tool for medical students everywhere"

Dr. Maulik Baxi
Intern Doctor, Shri Sayaji General Hospital, Baroda, India

"I found it helpful when deciding which route to take when doing the degree"

Mr Breen MD

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